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10 Years With .


On March 6, the VK platform of the Safe Information Environment for Children project held another webinar of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/., this time dedicated to . (dot DETI, which means children) and projects for young Internet users that are being created in this Russian-language and safe domain space. The guests of the webinar were authors of the projects.

Let us remind you that the idea of creating . belongs to the Coordination Center; The Center also became the founder of the Smart Internet Foundation, which, in addition to supporting humanitarian Internet initiatives, serves as the administrator of the ..

The webinar began with a report by Victoria Bunchuk, Head of social projects at the Coordination Center. She spoke about the mission of the . to unite high-quality web content intended for children and teenagers on one platform as well as about the Catalog of the best resources with an address in ., which currently contains about 150 websites and apps related to the topics of education, upbringing, leisure, physical and psychological development, digital literacy, charity, health and creativity.

Next speaker was Andrey Sidenko (Kaspersky Lab), who presented a multimedia project on Internet security for children from . (Kaspersky dot children), as well as the Laboratorys research on what worries parents of children who actively use digital content (time code 13:40). For example, among the biggest fears are the possibility of young Internet users encountering adult content (45% of parents notice such thoughts) and online grooming (37%), participation in dangerous challenges (30%), as well as the likelihood of developing Internet addictions (29%).

The second project presented on webinar was the Readings app, which teaches children 4-7 years to read (time code 29:56). One of the authors of the project, Natalya Sosnina, said that training in Readings is built in the form of a quest: in order to master the skill, children will have to go through a fabulous path to the top of Reading, through the cities of Letters and Warehouses, the city of artists and the valley of words. Among the advantages of the application are a multi-user mode and an adaptive algorithm that adapts to the educational capabilities of each child.

Tatyana Pavlova, Director of the same age project as the ., spoke about the Razumeykin (timecode 55:58). This is a game website for the intellectual development of children from 3 to 10 years. Classes on the website develop the childs attention, memory, thinking, and speech; help to learn letters and numbers, learn to read, count, solve examples and problems; provide comprehensive preparation for school; help to learn the multiplication tables and consolidate knowledge of the school curriculum; broaden children's horizons and introduce them in an accessible form to the basics of various sciences (biology, geography, physics, chemistry). By studying on the website, the child learns to listen, hear, understand information, apply it and not be afraid of mistakes. And the main thing is that all this happens in the form of a game.

The webinar concluded with a beginner among the initiatives in . - Children's Atlas (time code 1:19:53). One of the authors and leader of the project, Natalya Stepanova, noted that the goal of the project is to help children more easily absorb information about the history, geography and culture of their native region and Russia. "Atlas" operates in two "modes": as a website with an interactive atlas of the Novosibirsk region, for which gaming mechanics and cartoons are used, and as an away quest for children on the topic of nature, culture, and history of Russia. Natalya also encouraged representatives of other regions of the country to join the project and create interactive maps and quests together.

Safe Information Environment for Childhood (BIS) is a comprehensive project for parents, teachers and young professionals working with children and youth, participating in the process of digitalization of education, examination of children's information products and increasing the overall level of digital literacy of the younger generation. The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. is one of the BIS participants and the author of webinars thematically related to the development of digital technologies in the interests of Russian Internet users.

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