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Agreement with the National Parent Association


The founder of the Smart Internet Foundation joined efforts with the parenting community to carry out educational, awareness-raising and research work in IT.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/ (CCTLD), and the founder of the Smart Internet Foundation that administers the . domain, have signed an agreement with the National Parent Association (NPA).
The agreement is designed to ensure cooperation in the educational, awareness-raising and research projects according to the Russian national family policy.

“For many years the Coordination Center has been holding events for children and young adults, promoting computer literacy classes and supporting computer literacy contests. One of our best known programs is the Explore the Internet & Govern It! educational online game and the . children’s internet sector,” said CCTLD Director Andrei Vorobyov.

“The agreement with the NPA is a big step in promoting our activities and encouraging new participants to take part in our events. For our part, we will support and promote NPA activities. Together we will enhance the public’s media literacy and facilitate the development of a positive internet environment that will be accessible to everyone.”

The agreement was signed on June 23 during a public discussion of methodology recommendations for the education administrations in the Russian regions on drafting and testing optional courses on family life and family values for students and their parents. The recommendations were developed by the NPA as a project for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

According to the discussion participants, the drafting, testing and introduction of the optional courses on the foundations of family life and family values will make it possible to develop proper child-parent relations, improve the psychological climate at home, and return to such traditional values as love, fidelity, care, honor, dignity, responsibility, respect for seniors, and knowledge and respect for one’s ancestors. Children’s universal right to have a family and be loved and cared for by their parents will be translated into reality. Conditions will be created for self-development in fulfilling a major social role, the one of a family member and parent.