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.ДЕТИ as a Positive Alternative


On February 27, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted a round table of the "Country of Children" working group of the Public Council under the Children's Ombudsman under the President of Russia. Participants discussed how to limit the availability of dangerous and harmful goods to children, which are also sold through digital channels: online stores, social networks, apps.

Representatives of the Smart Internet Foundation were invited to the event to present the .ДЕТИ (dot DETI, which means "Children") project as a positive and developing alternative for underage Internet users.

Victoria Bunchuk, editor-in-chief of the Fund's website, told the members of the working group about the mission of the .ДЕТИ - to create a positive Internet space for novice network users, free from all kinds of cyber threats. All resources with an address in .ДЕТИ participate in a two-stage monitoring system that allows you to quickly identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities, as well as negative content that appeared on the pages of sites in the children's domain zone. Thus, Internet resources in .ДЕТИ always remain safe and comfortable for use.

“On websites with an address in .ДЕТИ, users are not exposed to offers of goods and services that are inappropriate for their age. Another important advantage is that .ДЕТИ domain names are registered in Russian. Such addresses are easy to remember and use, first of all, for young Internet users who are not yet familiar with the rules of transliteration and can make mistakes when typing addresses in Latin, thus getting to other sites, including those containing negative information," Victoria noted.

In the space of the .ДЕТИ, not only representatives of well-known children's brands (for example, касперский.дети, TV-channel карусель.дети, publishing house альпина.дети) exist safely, but also websites of the most ordinary schools, kindergartens, libraries, and regional projects. As such, Victoria cited as an example the web resource of the children's library in Sevastopol читающие.дети (reading dot deti), the ромашка.дети website of the "Romashka" (means “daisy”) kindergarten in the city of Lysva (Perm Territory), online representation of the school with the study of Oriental languages of the city of Vladivostok школа (school 76 dot deti), the site of the Tambov knitwear factory for children ябольшой.дети (I am adult dot deti) and others.

The best sites in the .ДЕТИ are collected in the catalog published on the pages of the site интернет.дети.