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Electronic Week held in the Altai with . domain


Barnaul hosted one of the largest IT events in the region, which included a meeting of young IT volunteers who learned about the . domain for children

The 7th Altai Electronic Week International Forum was held in Barnaul and its environs between June 23 and 30.

The Smart Internet Foundation, which administers the Cyrillic top-level domain ., and its founder, the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/., co-partnered the forum.

The Electronic Week is one of the largest IT events held in the region and a professional education platform for exchanging experience and discussing the current uses of information technology.

The event was attended by about 1,000 professionals from across Russia. The program included themed venues, inter-university and school competitions, expert sessions and workshops held at the Altai State Technical University and the Altai branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Barnaul. A traditional two day long practice-oriented seminar of Altai young IT volunteers was held at the Kontoshino village school.

Young IT volunteers are active high school and university students and their teachers who help the older generation learn computer basics and hence enhance the quality of their life in the modern information society.

During a session dedicated to educational platforms and mobile technology, the Coordination Centers Project Manager Tatiana Novikova described the centers projects aimed at educating entry-level users and teaching them e-safety, such as Explore the Internet & Govern It! project and the . platform , which offers children safe access to online educational and entertainment services.

The seminar for young IT volunteers was attended by over 20 experts and 150 high school and university students from the Altai Territory, Tyumen Region, Samara and other Russian cities. The program included a workshop on the use of gaming modules from the Knowledge section of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project for independent study of computer basics or as part of computer training at schools and universities. The young IT volunteers also checked their knowledge about the worldwide net within the framework of a quiz based on the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project.

The most active young IT volunteers received certificates for the free one year-long registration of domain names in the . domain.

The seminar of IT volunteers and the Altai Electronic Week concluded with a festival of outreach teams on computer safety.