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IT-awareness lessons at school


Specialists of the Smart Internet Foundation held IT-awareness lessons in a Moscow school

On April 1326, the Moscow School for Young Politicians No. 1306 held a series of IT-awareness lessons for eighth and ninth graders organized by the Regional Internet Technology Public Center and the BUDUGURU academy with support from leading Russian IT companies.

The course themes included internet structure, digital skills, job choices in the digital world, SMM, digital communication, mobile technologies and the Internet of Things.

Viktoria Bunchuk, project manager at the Smart Internet Foundation (administrator of the . domain), made two reports. The first one was dedicated to confidentiality when using information technology and the main security rules in the digital era. The second report dealt with the Digital State, covering its definition, development trajectory and examples of effective implementation; in particular, it presented the detailed smart city concept on Moscow’s example.
“Everything we discussed with children during the internet awareness lessons will be useful for them here and now. We are living in the era of digital technology, which, on one hand, makes many processes easier, improves people’s life, and saves time and money, but, on the other hand, is a highly dangerous technology when it comes to personal data, activities of cybercriminals and the vulnerabilities of private life,” Viktoria Bunchuk says. “This is why it is so important to ‘train’ one’s IT skills. Educated use of digital technology is the only thing that can help one get the most out of it.”