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Laureates of the DOT-Journalism 2022 Competition Were Announced


On the eve of the Runet Prize 2022, the award ceremony for the winners of the X Anniversary Competition for professional and novice journalists "DOT-journalism 2022" was held on December 13. This is a competition for journalists writing about domains and other Internet addressing systems, which is held by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. and RAEC with the support of the Smart Internet Foundation and accredited domain name registrars in the .RU and . domains REG.RU.

For 10 years, we have gained a pool of journalists who write professionally about the domain industry, and this time we solved a very difficult task: more than 1,000 publications participated in the competition, and the jury members did a great job of choosing the best of the best. On the other hand, this year we were not pleased with the regions - there were very few publications, so in the end it was decided not to choose winners in this nomination. On the other hand, we have three new nominations related to bloggers, two of which were proposed by the official partner of the competition REG.RU, said Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/..

This year we saw a lot of new names of contestants first of all, it concerns our nominations for bloggers. Bloggers are becoming real competitors to professional journalists and are already having a significant impact on the popularization of domain topics among their readers, said Ekaterina Demkina, Executive Director of RAEC.

The winners of the DOT Journalism 2022 competition are:

  • Analytics of .RU/. Domain Zones Vika Ryabova, D-Russia edition. Vika writes a lot and regularly about Internet topics and, in particular, about domains. Last year, she became the winner of our contest in the Best About Domains category, and this year she is awarded for her publication on the state of the domain market in 2021-2022.
  • The Best About Domains (for a series of articles by one author) Oleg Kapranov, Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Oleg writes a lot and in detail about the Internet, and the domain theme is also in the focus of his attention.
  • How the Industry Lives The best in the nomination How the Industry Lives were two articles by as many as three authors. This is a material about a new method of Internet fraud by the author of Gazeta.Ru Roman Kildyushkin and an article about the transfer of government agencies to the .RU and . domains by two RBC authors - Daria Chebakova and Ilya Plamenev.
  • "About Domains In Details" - a new nomination, where materials were evaluated that helped to better understand the peculiarities of working with domain names. The winner was Anton Sergo, a well-known lawyer specializing specifically in Internet law, the president of the Internet and Law law firm, who published an article on the problems of regulating domain disputes in the Zakon magazine.
  • "Best DOT Blogger" - Dmitry Pukhtin, for a detailed analysis of the possibilities of registering domain names through the State Services, published on the portal
  • Best Domain Stalker (REG.RU special nomination) Jamil Makhmutov, DTF
  • Best storyteller in the industry (REG.RU special nomination) - Milana Stojanovska, SRSLY

REG.RU has chosen 2 materials that draw attention to the importance of the domain industry and the protection of rights on the network. Article by Milana Stoyanovska VKontakte bought the domain. Prior to that, it belonged to a confectionery factory, on the portal she told the story of how VK bought the domain, and Jamil Makhmutovs article on her personal blog on the DTF service told about the loss of the domain by Konami, she commented on the choice winners representative of the company REG.RU Arina Lutsenko.

In the nominations Regions Are Our Everything, About domains on TV and Beyond .RU, very few entries were received this year, and they did not meet all the requirements, so the jury decided this year not to choose winners in these nominations.

The XI DOT Journalism Competition is scheduled to start in spring 2023. Follow the news!