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"Study The Internet & Govern It!" Presented At The XV International Conference "Law And The Internet"


The first day of the XV International Conference "Law and the Internet," which focused on the challenges that the information society presents for the rule of law, ethics, and other public relations regulators, was held on October 27.

During the round table on "Safe Information Environment for Childhood", experts discussed ways to reduce the risks that come with digitization as well as potential dangers that kids and teenagers may face online. The roundtable was moderated by Olga Rubtsova, rector of the Academy of Innovative Education and Development, Roskomnadzor expert, member of the Public Council under the Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, and Dmitry Gulyaev, digital youth ombudsman.

Nowadays we cant just take a child out of digital. A modern child was born in a new reality and lives in two worlds at once: the real and the virtual. How to live in these two worlds, relying on the norms of the law? We will talk about all this today, Olga Rubtsova opened the section.

The reports discussed at the round table focused on the Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment's initiatives as well as the importance of impact content - i.e., content that directly affects the spectator - and the need for such labeling. Separately, the moderators underlined the significance of contact between all interested market participants in order to develop a concrete plan for joint work to provide a really safe information environment for the child. Each party involved in working with children in the information environment, as Olga Rubtsova emphasized, has its own vision. Content creators may have one vision, while teachers and attorneys may have an entirely other one.

The event was attended by the head of the project department of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. Olga Yakovleva, who drew the attention of the audience to the fact that interaction with the online environment requires a set of certain digital skills. She presented the project "Study the Internet & Govern It!", which allows instilling such skills in an accessible game form, and invited students to register for the XI online championship of the project. Please note that registration is open until November 1st. She also noted that an online tournament will be held as part of the second stage of the championship, which will cover a variety of aspects from the field of digital literacy, including information, computer, communication and media literacy, future technologies and Internet security.

The winners of the championship will receive valuable prizes, and the participants who did not win prizes will receive personalized electronic certificates and a subscription to electronic versions of the ClassMagazine and PonyMashka.

You can register for the championship on the -. website.