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Study the Internet Opened in .


Now, to get to the "Study the Internet & Govern It" website, type the project's name and the ending .T (dot DETI, which means children) in your browser's URL bar - -. (study the Internet dot children). Let us remind you that this is an educational project of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/., implemented with the support of Rostelecom. It will help to improve digital literacy, learn how digital technologies work, learn how to surf the Internet safely, and better navigate cultural and career trends in the IT field.

A separate address has also appeared for the Study the Internet section for visually challenged users . (blind dot children). The section contains 5 educational modules on the topics: How a Computer Works, Network Communication, How the World Wide Web Works, Personal Data and Artificial Intelligence. All of them received the sign of accessibility for people with disabilities. The modules are designed according to modern standards and are compatible with screen readers that translate text presented on a web page into speech. Work on the module was carried out jointly with the Everland project.

In addition, the project was included in the Catalog of the best resources with an address in . in the Development and Creativity section.

By choosing addresses in ., the Study the Internet & Govern It officially became part of the positive space of the Runet, which means it directly took part in the development of online safety islands and filling the Internet with useful content.