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The Report of the Smart Internet Foundation for 2022 Published


A Report on Operations in 2022 has been posted on the website of the Foundation for Support of Network Initiatives "Smart Internet".

The Foundation performs the functions of the Cyrillic domain . (.DETI, which means children) administrator, which includes not only maintenance, but also the implementation of various activities aimed at increasing recognition and trust in the relevant social, political and commercial environments. This work is the focus of the central section of the Report.

In particular, the document states that 817 domain names were registered in . as of the end of 2022, although the majority of them (93%) are delegated, so that they are used for a variety of matters, including e-mail, parking pages, and website addressing.

The report also notes that the Foundation continues to regularly monitor resources with addresses in the . to detect unwanted activity (phishing, malicious code, spam) and prohibited content. The Foundation maintains a Catalog of the best websites in . especially for users.

In addition, the report contains information on the sources of funding and social and educational activities of the Foundation, aimed at promoting the concept of "children's" Internet as a space of trust, consolidating high-quality and attractive, entertaining and educational Internet content, and making the stay of children and youths in the Internet comfortable and safe.