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Webinar: Internet and Library as Complementary Concepts


The third webinar of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. Library in Digital: How to Read While Staying Online was held on the VK platform of the Safe Information Environment for Childhood project on November 22. The guests of the meeting were specialists from the Russian State Children's Library (RGDB), a great friend and long-time partner of the Center in educational projects. They discussed the electronic resources of the Russian State Children's Library, which help library professionals navigate the world of children's literature, and help parents and children fall in love with reading or find a web project for self-development and creative realization.

The webinar was held with the information support of the Smart Internet Foundation and domain . (.DETI, means children).

The webinar opened with a report by Victoria Bunchuk, Head of Social Projects at the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/., about the . - an online space of trust that contains useful, high-quality and safe web resources for the younger generation of IT users.

To create an address in the ., you can only use letters of the Russian alphabet, which means that the address of your website can 100% coincide with the name of the organization or project; that there will be no problems with transliteration and the use of complex letters like , , , ; that an address can be quite long and still be easy to remember. In addition, the ending of the address . will immediately tell the visitor the specialization of your resource, Victoria noted. She also spoke about the system of round-the-clock monitoring and elimination of malicious activity on sites with an address in the .. Thanks to this work, the resources in . remain one of the safest on the RuNet. By the way, the best sites in . are collected in the Catalog. As an example, Victoria cited a website about increasing general digital literacy from Kaspersky Lab . (Kaspersky dot children) and literacy in the field of personal data protection from Roskomnadzor . (Personal data dot children), the Internet portal of the children's federal TV channel "Carousel" . (Merry-go-round dot children), applications for learning to read . (knots dot children) and tutor-help with homework . (Homework dot children).

RGDB projects have also settled in the .. For example, the main website . (Library dot children)., which can be defined as an access point to all news, reference information, event posters, catalogues, digital tools and web projects of the Russian State Children's Library; recommendation resource -. (Weblandia dot children) and a guide to children's books . (Biblioguide dot children).

Weblandia was presented by Evgenia Armaderova, a psychologist at the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy of Childrens Reading at the Russian State Childrens Library: ...This is a catalog of educational and entertaining sites for children. It was created by RGDB specialists more than 10 years ago as an all-Russian Internet project that unites the efforts of libraries to promote a positive Internet. Library specialists select the most interesting and useful content for children of different ages, which can be useful for family viewing and as an addition to the school curriculum. Many libraries use site materials in their work with children. Sites are selected taking into account the provisions of Federal Law No. 436 On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development and the selection criteria developed by the Russian State Childrens Library.

Now there are about 1,500 resources in the Weblandia database. The catalog is regularly moderated and updated with new products, which can be offered to be published on its pages by Internet users by filling out a short form in a special section of the site. For example, recently in the section of the Everything About a Person catalog there appeared a new project Domain Patrol a project of the Coordination Center on information security.

Anna Golubkova, specialist at the Center for Bibliography of Children's Literature of the Russian State Children's Library, literary critic, candidate of philological sciences, walked through the pages of the Bibliogid, spoke about the authors of the project, the system of headings, the features of searching the site and the catalog of books presented on it. The goal of the project is to help librarians navigate the flow of children's literature published in Russian (original and translated) so that they can complete their collections with interesting and high-quality books. In general, the catalog will be useful to everyone who wants to keep abreast of book news - specialists in children's reading and children's literature, publishers, organizers of children's cultural leisure and, of course, parents, Anna said.

The webinar also mentioned the All-Russian Encyclopedia of Children's Literature "Prodetlit" and the National Electronic Children's Library, as well as offline events of the Russian State Children's Library, for example, International Book Giving Day, which is held annually on February 14 and calls for "giving books with love."

Safe Information Environment for Childhood is a comprehensive project of the Academy of Innovative Education and Development for parents, teachers and young professionals working with children and youth, participating in the process of digitalization of education, examination of children's information products and increasing the overall level of digital literacy of the younger generation.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/. has planned a series of discussions on the Safe Information Environment for Childhood VK platform on issues and problems that in one way or another relate to the Centers industry and social projects.