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Websites Catalog .ƒ≈“»: Latest Releases of 2024


Traditionally, a large-scale check of the Catalog of the best sites with an address in .ƒ≈“» (.DETI means children) is carried out at the beginning of the year. In 2024, based on the results of such a research,Ф the Catalog included 25 resources that were in one way or another related to the education, leisure, and health of children and the youth.

Among the latest releases are:

  • калейдо.дети (kaleido dot children)
    The online palace of creativity УKaleidoSchoolФ conducts master classes in the following areas: life skills, technology, social media, art, music, psychology, sports, career guidance and others
  • родительский-инстинкт.дети (parental instinct dot children)
    Psychological school for parents in Krasnodar. Classes are conducted in the form of group trainings, which help to understand that despite the responsibility, parents are not obliged to fall victim in the name of the happiness and well-being of their children, but must help their child realize the potential inherent in nature
  • путькуспеху.дети (a path to success dot children)
    A charitable foundation that helps orphans obtain a modern, in-demand profession and find employment in the future, as well as learn important social skills
  • драконы.дети (dragons dot children)
    Factory of children's clothing and accessories Dragon Kids. Characters that inspired the brand's creators, baby dragons
  • мурино.дети (Murino dot children)
    MEGABIT school of digital technologies for children 5-17 years old in the Leningrad region. Training is conducted in the following areas: programming, robotics, 3D modeling, computer graphics and design, circuit design, design activities
  • дорога.дети (road dot children)
    Reference resource on traffic rules and rules for using public transport for children and students

One of the new sites is included in the УBest .ƒ≈“»Ф section of the Catalog; it contains resources with an address in the .ƒ≈“» that have received the largest number of positive reviews from Internet users:

  • клиника-фомина.дети (FominТs clinic dot children)
    Russian network of clinics for children and expectant mothers with immersive interiors. Clinic specialists work according to the principles of evidence-based medicine, and also use artificial intelligence and high technology in their work.

Now the Catalog of sites with an address in the .ƒ≈“» presents 150 resources created by professionals, passionate parents and enthusiastic teachers. These are educational projects and applications, resources on safe use of the Internet, health and family leisure, online stores of children's goods, websites of kindergartens, schools, art centers, sports sections, charitable foundations, competitions and children's media.

The .ƒ≈“» unites websites about and for children. The domain's mission is to create a positive Internet space for novice Internet users, free from all kinds of cyber threats. All resources with an address in .ƒ≈“» participate in a two-stage system for monitoring technical and content vulnerabilities. You can register a domain in .ƒ≈“» online by contacting an accredited registrar; You can check whether the domain you need is available in the УWhoisФ section.