This document regulates conditions of usage of the public WHOIS service for the IDN TLD ..

The WHOIS service can be accessed by port 43 (according to RFC 3912) and/or through a web interface. Requirements of this document cover to equal extent both access methods.

2. Limitations and restrictions

The following restrictions should be observed when using the WHOIS.

The TLD . Registry Operator reserves the right to amend the following restrictions without any special notice to the service users.

2.1 Information usage restrictions

The WHOIS service is provided for information purposes only, and may be used solely to obtain information about domain names, registrars and/or DNS servers. By using the WHOIS service, the user agrees:

  1. to use the data obtained solely for lawful purposes;
  2. not to use the data obtained to allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of any unsolicited communications by e-mail, telephone, or facsimile;
  3. not to engage mass information samples in excess of permitted standards.

The user may not:
  1. alter information obtained with the use of the WHOIS service in the event of its dissemination for information purposes;
  2. use the information obtained for its further distribution for commercial purposes.

2.2 User activity limitations

When using the WHOIS service, the user may not engage in activities that may result in:

  1. breaking the operation of the TLD . Registrys equipment and network;
  2. breaking provisions of the service or limiting the possibility for other Internet users to use this service;
  3. unauthorized access to the Registrys data-processing and networking resources;
  4. inflicting, or a threat to inflict, a loss to other users and/or any third parties;
  5. deceits of third parties about the original source of the information.

2.3 Technical restrictions

A single IP address is allowed to send no more than 30 WHOIS queries per minute to the WHOIS service. If the number of queries sent from a single IP address in the span of 1 minute proves to be in excess of the aforementioned quota, the following notice could be displayed instead of their processing:

% You have exceeded allowed connection rate.
% Please try to connect later.
% See http://whois.nic.xn--d1acj3b/terms_of_use.html (in Russian)
% for details.

Where during 15 minutes the user has repeatedly exceeded the quota, provision of the WHOIS service to that user discontinues and in response to each subsequent query the following notice is displayed:

% You are not allowed to connect.
% See http://whois.nic.xn--d1acj3b/terms_of_use.html (in Russian)
% for details.

No increase in the frequency of queries on a users request is performed.

3. Qualifying the user's activity and determining applicable sanctions

The TLD . Registry Operator has the sole discretion to qualify the users activity either as falling, or not falling under the effect of bans and restrictions set forth in article 2 of the present document.

Any violation of technical restrictions described in clause 2.3 is monitored automatically.

Users who have violated the terms of use of the WHOIS may become subject to the following sanctions:

  1. denial of the service provision;
  2. introduction of special technical restrictions, that preclude from a further violation of the terms of use of the WHOIS.

The sanctions are applied without any special notice to, consent by, and/or notification of the user, and they can be either recurring or non-recurring ones. The sanctions can be applied to the individual IP addresses, groups of IP addresses and/or subnetworks, and they can be applied directly both to the violator and the network wherein that user operates, as well as to any networks and other systems via which the act has been performed in violation of the requirements of the present document.

Where violations of the terms of use of the WHOIS have proved recurring, the TLD . Registry Operator has the right not to lift the ban on access to the WHOIS service.

4. WHOIS acess restrictions removal

4.1. Automatic restrictions removal

Where access to the WHOIS service has been terminated pursuant to clause 2.3 of the present document, the ban on the access may be lifted automatically in no less than one hour.

Where a systematic violation of its technical requirements has occurred, the Registry Operator has the right to cancel an automatic restrictions removal on the users access to the WHOIS service and not to lift the ban to the service in question.

4.2. Restrictions removal on user's request

To lift the ban on access to the WHOIS service (bar instances of automatic lifting set forth in clause 4.1), the user should send by e-mail a request at the Registry Operators email address, The request should contain the following information:

  • IP address/addresses for which access to the service was terminated;
  • list of measures the user has undertaken to remedy violations that resulted in termination of the service delivery.